Sunday, 29 March 2009

VPEC-T...#3 - The first difference

Someone suggested me to think what new information or knowledge I gained by using VPEC-T. Or what was different using VPEC-T.

I have played with VPEC-T when people has decribed new fantastic solution to problems they have identified. And using VPEC-T as a questions framework I have been able to see and explain areas where we are unbalanced.

Unbalanced? Well, take for example the V - value. For one solution it was obvious that the client would benefit a lot. And we would provide value with the new solution - in many ways. But the value to use was very small. At leats until the solution were slighltly re-designed.

In another setting we knew everything about our P - Policies that we had to consider. But we had no clue about client policies. Or even clients partner policies that had to be considered.

Having the VPEC-T framework it was rather easy to spot where we had insufficient knowledge. And where we only had considered one view. Overall the solutions were sound - it seemed. But if we just had implemented them we would run into areas where new problems would arise.

And as said before. I had no problem using VPEC-T with other "frameworks" we use to screen solutions and projects.

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