Friday, 27 March 2009


Many times our minds and brains are too fast. They "know" the answers and solutions too fast. And we have to help our brains to slow down and re-think.

One way to help our brains is to use a structured approach where the brain is not allowed to jump to the conclusion. Sort of a checklist that you have to work through.

VPEC-T can be used as such tool. To let yourself and a whole group re-think, slow down and screen the solution. Having the structured approach and some good questions we can see where the thinking was flawed and where we still miss information.

In a group the structured approach is necessary to keep discussion structured and letting all people participate. For the VPEC-T the discussion will be almost like a SíxTHinking-hat session. The group can first focus on V - Value before considering the other parts.
And when completing the whole cycle the discussion will be more structured. And you have a common description and framework - with your thinking inserted - to use as base for further discussion.

I guess that what I like about VPEC-T is that the five letters covers the situation from different perspectives. Yet converging into the solution that should "fit" the business.

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