Tuesday, 31 March 2009

AND and OR - what word do the innovator prefer?

Doing either is often easy. You can keep budget OR run marketing campaign. You can have a wife OR a girlfriend. You can be rich OR poor. You can have the cake OR eat the cake. Build a hich-tech car OR a cheap car.

But - what is more interesting is to do 'both'. Using the AND.

To keep budget AND run the marketing campaign. Have a wife AND a girlfriend. To drive the car fast AND safe. Get a high-tech AND cheap car.

The innovator is a problem solver. Solving the contradiction and making it possible to have both. In TRIZ a main theme is to resolve contradictions.

Do not accept compromises. Make sure you have the cake and eat it. Dont settle for "either" - get "both".

And consider how reliefed Armstrong became when he heard that the vision was "put a man on the moon AND bring him back alive"

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