Thursday, 5 March 2009

Every problem can be solved

Impossible is nothing. True?

To me yes. When I was younger I thought there were problems that could not be solved. Impossible problems. But now I believe - or know - that any problem can be solved.

There might be reasons why we chose not to implement the solution of course. But the solution is there - if we want it. It is not a matter of if we can solve the problem. We can. But we might decide that we do not want to push forward.

Why do I believe that any problem can be solved? I think it is due to all the methods and problem solving approaches that exists. No matter how large or complex the problem is there are always (many!) ways to attack it. And we have lots of subject matter expertise out there. In all areas. And experience. And skills....

So, there are many methods out there. And lots of knowledge and skills. And that makes me very certain that every problem can be solved.

We need the knowledge and a systematic approach. Or even approaches.

This feeling that every problem can be solved is to me very comforting. Nothing is impossible.

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