Wednesday, 18 March 2009

TRIZ awareness < 1% !?

Found this at :
"Globally, less than 1% of engineers are even aware that TRIZ exists."

Even if that 1% would go up a bit this seems very low.

Not saying that everyone have to use TRIZ. But some awareness could help...

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  1. I only became aware (limited as it is) of TRIZ while completing my MS in Creative Studies.
    Even then it was a passing comment by a profesor becuase they use the Creative Problem Solving model which in the consulting world is a competitor.
    Some manufacturing organization (in the US) know of TRIZ many do not.
    When I lead innovation projects in Wester New York I find less than 0.2% know TRIZ or any innovation models.
    This falls from the idea of innovation being a zero sum game where the pie is eaten by the creative types.