Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I have always tried to connect people. Some people think I am plain lazy, not able to work myself. But I tend to think that it is better if right persons collaborate and share and work together to achieve results. And if I am not the right person I should not be middle-man, filter, obstructing or in any other way hindering or slowing down the process.

In the picture below there is me and two other persons I know. The three of use could now work with me as middle-man - passing messages for example between the two persons.
Or that I would continue handing out tasks to person A or person B.

But that would not be very efficient. Instead I connect the two directly. Introduce them to each other, explain why I think they should collaborate. Of course I spend time with both - and with them together - to help build the relations and get the "work" started.
Focus for me is to make sure they are "connected". If my knowledge about the persons were right they will not start to collaborate and share. A new relation exists and work can get done in new way. And for me - just getting out of their way.

Since I still have the relations with A and B I can see what is happening. And even join the work! And when person C comes along we have new connections and relations to make.

This way connections are made and stable network can grow.

This process of "triading" is very well described in the book Tribal Leadership (

Read it. Try it.