Thursday, 9 December 2010

Attacks and options

Noticed something in the newspaper about "A defending B by attacking C". Probably very common. But there are other options of course.

Here is the basic situation. An attacker counteracting (=attacking) a subject:

If we want to help in this situation, we can do as in a street fight. Lets attack the attacker:

Attacking the attacker will hopefully reduce the original attack and make the attacker focus on us instead. And that way we support and defend the subject.

But we can also defend and support the subject by supporting it. Coaching the subject in the fight. Or provide supplies to the town under siege:

This way the subject grows strong and the attack is less effective.

Another interesting way is to attack the attack - or completely make the attack worthless:

Think about the attack and make sure it doesn't hit. Close the light? Push subject into the water so that bullet doesn't hurt? Take away the gun?

Yet another option is to create a barrier or wall to protect the subject:

Why not unload a lot of sand in front of the subject so that the arrows and bullets cannot get through? Or let the subject into your protective house?

And if that doesn't work you can create a decoy. Making the attacker attack the decoy instead of subject:

And if we don't want to attack the attacker to defend the subject we can instead provide a powerful weapon to the subject. That way he can defend himself (or herself). Many countries use this option to support their allies of course.

And speaking of allies. Just the fact that a subject have a lot of allies can weaken or remove the attack. So, why not join and line up a number of allies to stop the attack:

And on it goes... Remember, there will always be one more option for you.

So, when you feel the urge to attack the attacker to defend something. Think again. There might be much better and effective ways.

Good luck!

[The above small models were created playing with Southbeach modeller. ]

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Snow, lots of it.
Cold, -25C this morning.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Learning 2

Been thinking more about learning. Added a lot of things the model (you can find in earlier post) - and now I need to sort and find the patterns. Currently it is just a mess and would provide very little meaning to show here. Hopefully I can find some patterns and make something meaningful out of it.
Meaningful to me at least.

Searching is useful

The process "search" can be seen as harmful since it takes time and can consume resources. The search is not the goal - but to FIND is.

But while searching you will find other things. And you will most likely learn a lot.

Searching can find not only what you are looking for - but much more!

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Started to think about learning. Far from finished. Just uploading a 1st model to encourage myself to continue...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Create knowledge

You cannot really transfer knowledge. You need to create knowledge in every mind.

Just like a growing tree you need to provide directions to the tree. Remove things that shade and show where the sun is. Make sure that roots will get water. Possibly support the young tree when it is blowing. Maybe scare away the rabbits trying to eat the tree.

When the tree gets the resources it will grow. You just need to make sure resources are provided.

Do not force it. Provide & support & guide - and let the magic happen.

Sometimes we provide too much resources when trying to build knowledge. "Here, these are all the documents you need". That is the same as giving the young tree a whole lake of water. The result will be a drowned tree and no growth.

Same with too much sun.

All knowledge is created in the mind. Just like the wood in the tree. And it takes time and must happen from the inside.

Let resources be available, support the growing, show some directions and watch the tree, eh, knowledge grow.

So, do not transfer knowledge. Create and grow knowledge.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Grey, wet, cold

And I love it! I feel most alive in October and November.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I have always tried to connect people. Some people think I am plain lazy, not able to work myself. But I tend to think that it is better if right persons collaborate and share and work together to achieve results. And if I am not the right person I should not be middle-man, filter, obstructing or in any other way hindering or slowing down the process.

In the picture below there is me and two other persons I know. The three of use could now work with me as middle-man - passing messages for example between the two persons.
Or that I would continue handing out tasks to person A or person B.

But that would not be very efficient. Instead I connect the two directly. Introduce them to each other, explain why I think they should collaborate. Of course I spend time with both - and with them together - to help build the relations and get the "work" started.
Focus for me is to make sure they are "connected". If my knowledge about the persons were right they will not start to collaborate and share. A new relation exists and work can get done in new way. And for me - just getting out of their way.

Since I still have the relations with A and B I can see what is happening. And even join the work! And when person C comes along we have new connections and relations to make.

This way connections are made and stable network can grow.

This process of "triading" is very well described in the book Tribal Leadership (

Read it. Try it.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Smooth sea or rough sea?

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors" is a proverb you hear now and then. But maybe it is a little bit more complicated than that.

On the right side (in model above) you can see the "rough sea" that has at least two sides. One is of course the fact that it provides training, turning the sailor into a great sailor. But it is also dangerous and might cause the death of sailors. And maybe make other sailors abandon the job - becoming a farmer or tailor.

On the left side we can see that "smooth sea" creates romantic settings which can inspire to romantic meetings. And romantic meetings can result in children. These children grow up to become either sailors or non-sailors. And those who become sailors might get a chance - in rough sea - to become great sailors.

Being a great sailor increases the chance to return to harbor and have romantic meetings of course. Smooth sea also increase that chance, of course.

Another consideration is that romantic meeting might not always be good since the sailor might prefer romance over rough sea training. And that way missing out on training and fall back to become an ordinary sailor.

The yellow boxes are both needed, i.e. we need both rough sea and smooth sea to create great sailors. Not at the same time, and not with same purpose. But both still needed.

So, the answer to the question "What sea is best? Smooth or rough?" is always:
"Both smooth and rough."

Best answer to "or" is often "and".

Monday, 12 July 2010

Forward & Backward

We can think forward and backward.

I like the cute example with an acorn on the field. A kid and mother comes close and the kid asks "Why is there an acorn there?"

In backward-thinking mode the mother now can respond by telling how it got there. Look back and explain. As in:
"Well, maybe a squirrel dropped it there" or "The large tree over there dropped it" or "Maybe a kid or animal played with it and just left it there."

All good responses. And only imagination limits the kind of answers the mother can give.

In forward-thinking mode the response looks into the future. As in:
"It is there to grow and become a large oak tree" or "It is there to become a squirrel dinner" or "It is there to be found by a kid. And the kid will play with it."

Switch between these forward and backward modes when answering questions. Not all why-questions has to be answered based on the past.

And many times it is more interesting what will be or become - than what has been.

There is sometimes also a non-thinking-mode when answering questions. How about if the mother in the above example answered:
"Shut up and keep walking" or "How should I know? I didn't put it there!" or even "Don't you learn anything in school?"

So, Think when you respond. And use both forward and backward thinking. And practice forward-thinking to explore and shape the future!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Package & map & improvement

Found an old map of some thoughts about packages. It really jump-started my brain again. Making me think about different perspectives about packages and why they are useful. And why they are harmful.

Re-thinking some of the "good" and "bad" sides could lead to interesting improvements and innovations.

Making a "map" of a product or situation makes it easy to start improving. Start anywhere in the map and re-think. Play with the map and find ways to remove and reduce the red (harmful) and add and increase the green (useful).


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

"Why models?"

I love the book "Orbiting the Giant Hairball" by Gordon MacKenzie. In fact, I asked the publisher for permission to publish a small section of the book. I was allowed to publish the section for a few months for a fee. But, I didn't. Seemed silly to pay to be able to quote Gordon for a limited time.

Anyway - here you can find one great text from the book: "Why models?"

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Path Perspective

When you are at A and you look forward you will see multiple paths. One way leading to B and the other way to another destiny. The future contains multiple choices and opportunities.

But when you are at B and look back you do not see multiple paths. You only see one rather straight path that connects B with A. And maybe you do not even reflect on the selection of path that actually made it possible to get to B.

Look forward and you see lots of opportunities and choices. Lots of decisions to make. Lots of paths! Magic!

Look back and it just seems very natural and obvious that you are where you are. A straight line. And it almost seems inevitable that you ended up where you right now are.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Words matters

Language creates images and patterns and influences our thinking and behaviour.

Here are some simples transformations that could make your life more fun & interesting.

Replace "but" with "and"
Replace "or" with "and"
Replace "is" with "be" and "become"
Replace "no" with "yes"

Try it. If you don't give up immediately there is a great chance that your thinking and problem solving will change. You will most likely start to see new opportunities and get a new perspective on things.

Consider that strange device you have in the garage. Why worry what it IS. Why not think about what it can BECOME.

And how about being rich AND healthy. Why only one of them?

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Second time

Today was second time I cut my hair myself. And this time the back of my head felt more familiar. Next time I expect it to be pure routine.

Amazing how fast we learn! Even I!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sheep and lambs and patterns

Took a long walk. And halfway to nowhere I found a large herd of sheep. I sat down and watched...

First I thought it was all chaos. Sheep walking in circles, eating grass, lambs jumping and playing. No order at all. No structure. No patterns.

But after a while I could see patterns. Sheep joined, ate some grass. Lambs played and repeated the "games". Other lambs joined their mothers for a few minutes - and then returned to game.

Not all sheep mixed. There seemed to be three or four groups of adult sheep. But only one group of lambs.

Occasionally a mama-sheep would say "Bah" and her kids would run to her for some food.

I sat down for at least thirty minutes and studied the herd. What first looked like chaos was instead more like multiple organized dances. Not strictly linear order - but creatures moving around with respect for each other and all belonging to the herd. And I was almost (but only almost) able to predict how the individual were moving around.

Next time you see chaos. Sit down and see what patterns you can find. Be patient and give it some time!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Superheroes are bad

Well, Superheroes do solve problems for us. Which seems to be good. But:
  • The superhero solves the problem using his superpowers. So, we need that superhero with superpower around. Every time! And what happens when superhero is on vacation?
  • Since the superhero solves the problem we (=people) do not learn how to deal with problem using our own capacity and resources. We get dependent on the superhero. We get a meal - but we don't learn how to fish.
  • The superhero is fast and efficient and thus not giving anyone else a chance. Having a superhero around will make it harder for others to become heroes.
So, while superheroes first might seem like a good idea they:
- Stops us from learning (to deal with problems)
- Makes us dependent (that hero is around)
- Blocking the path for others (to develop themselves)

Next time a superhero comes around - send him away. You will be better off in the long run without superheroes.

Oh, and another reason to send superhero away is that their presence often attract a lot of bad guys with superpowers too...

[For Swedish readers - Kolla den fantastiska "översättningen" av denna lilla text på ]

Saturday, 24 April 2010

From the back of my head

Today I cut my hair for the first time. My hair has been cut before of course. But not by myself.

Lots of mirrors. Patience. Re-doing it.

And for the first time I really experience the back of my head. An area full of craters, mountains, valleys - and lots of hair pointing in all directions. Even individual hairs pointing in all directions!

This is an area not far from my eyes and ears. But still - I have not seen it before. Not the way I did today. Not the way you have to see it when you try to cut your hair by yourself.

Then it struck me. If the exterior of the back of my head is this interesting and hard to see and reach, how about the interior of the back of my head.

What amazing stuff can be found in there. What things and thoughts dwell in there. And how can I get into that space.

The exterior of the back of me head can be seen and reached with double mirrors and twisted arms. What tools do I need to get into the interior of the back of my head?

The result of the hair cut was not too bad. And the chain of thoughts started even better... how do I make use of my full head. How do I turn my whole brain on. How do I access the back of my head...

The journey to the back and middle of my brain has begun.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

My name is And - almost


Today I realized that my first name starts with "And" and my last name ends with "and".

Would that explain why I prefer "and" over "or"? Probably not.

But I do prefer and over or. And I am glad that I finally saw that my name is very connected to that super-word (i.e. "and").

Saturday, 10 April 2010

To model is to play.

Today I swapped from winter to summer tires on one of the cars. Started some thinking about accidents, injuries and tires.

So I started Southbeach and started to play.

It is not something complete. Or finalized. It is just the result of me thinking, playing and illustrating a few situations for a few minutes.

Anyway, the good part is that I find modelling, eh playing, very relaxing and inspiring. And I almost feel like an artist, like Michelangelo. Changing perspectives, adding elements, removing. Re-thinking.

So, why not model, play, draw, sing, build your problem or situation. You might get surprised from what you learn. And how fun it is.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Communities separates

Every new community community, group or network creates new boundaries. Bring people together for a cause or idea will also identify the ones not joining or supporting the idea (actively).

The idea with a community is to bring people closer together. To share knowledge, spend tie together, enjoy each other company and so forth. But it also creates distance to non-members. And as such could create tension and conflicts.

Obvious? Perhaps.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hole in earth - stone falling....

If it was possible to drill a hole in earth - passing center of earth. And then you dropped a stone in that hole - what would happen?

Would the stone come up in the other end - stop at highest point - and then return back. And for each turn making smaller and smaller turns, finally stopping at center of earth. Or would the stone stop at the first passage at center?

Assume that the stone don't melt or get stuck against the walls of course.

What do you think? What would happen to a stone that you drop in a hole drilled through whole earth?

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Working long hours.

But that is not why I am sleepy and exhausted. It is all the details and loose ends. They keep me awake at night.

Need to figure out how to handle those and get some sleep.

All snow dragons seems to have left now. Snow is melting fast now.

So, all in all, life is good.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Time is the only thing we have. But also something that we run out of. Often!

Time is equally distributed. We all have (approximately) 24 hours to use every day and night.

You cannot save time for another day. So, you'd better use your time now. Every moment should be enjoyed right away.

Friday, 12 February 2010

To fly you have to...


(Photo: Karin Grein)

Wonderful and inspirational photo. To fly you have to spread your wings, take a risk and jump. You cannot sit in your nest and fly.

The birds in the picture are re-inventing the art of flying. And every bird has to do it. Just as we have to re-invent ourselves. Over and over again. Sometimes that includes stepping out of comfort zone (nest) and take a risk (jump).

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Explorer in my backyard

So much snow. I took a small walk - just around the house to see how much snow there was. And possibly also save some trees. Snow depth was between 60cm and 100cm.

It was hard work. It was snow all over. Every step was a challenge. Pulling one leg up and try to put it forward. Not successful every time. And I fell a few times too.

It was not a long walk - or adventure. But it took a long time. And was fantastic adventure.

I was a real explorer. Finding new paths and amazing sceneries. In my own backyard!

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Once upon a time in a galaxy far away....I had this weird experience about "creativity"

A senior executive heard about me and that I was supposed to be good at coming up with fresh and convincing ways of describing solutions. In this case we needed a way to show to a client how we would deal with a rather complex multi-project setup. There were multiple programs running lots of projects. Many relations and interdependencies. The mess was huge!

The exec asked me to illustrate how we could move forward while yet keeping control over the situation. He made some notes on a paper. This was supposed to be some start for me to work out details and solution from.

I took the note. Spent some time thinking. Talking. Discussing. After a few days I had a solution. I showed my work to the executive. He was not happy.

He made some new notes on a paper. Now with more details. And he was not using my work, but made it on blank paper again.

Once again I thought and discussed. Went back with a new solution to the executive after a day or two. Same procedure - a not happy executive. And now he started to question my creative ability. At least it felt like that.

And for the third time he made notes on a blank paper. Draw some charts, symbols and numbers. And patiently asked me to use all my creativity and skills to come up with a solution.

This time I took another approach. I took the last notes he made - just opened a blank presentation on my computer. Copied the hand-made notes and charts into that presentation. Added a title page. Done!

When I this time returned he was mighty impressed. He studied the electronic version of the notes he made, praised my creativity and was very happy. "I knew you could solve this problem for me!"

All I did was transforming his notes into an electronic version. I did not feel creative at all.

Nowadays I am very careful when taking on assignments like that. Trying to find out what they really want, and what level of freedom I have. Many times they are finished with the creative part and just need someone to put it on paper.

Imagine you get the instruction "Draw me somehing nice. Anything." and you come back with a horse. And gets the response "Well, I had more of a circle in mind - can you do something with a circle?".
Next time you get "Well, I had a blue circle in mind. And slightly smaller. Can you give it a go?"

And so it continues...

To all execs: If you know what you want; Say it. And If you want a person to use his/hers creativity - let them do that.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Action box

Think outside the box is something we all have heard. I guess. And possibly also that we have to think within. Or there is no box at all. Or the box is giraffe. Or whatever.

This morning I found another box. Here:

This is not about thinking. It is about action. A man and an action arrow and a box.

Does it say "run to the box" or does it say "push the box forward". There are many ways to interprete that picture. It is designed to be fast to read - so we can follow the instruction immediately.

The sign also says "if you take action and run for the box you will be ok".

So, thinking inside and outside of boxes is ok. But we also have to get into action. And if we don't we will be trapped... When you're done thinking outside the box - RUN to the box! Move the box!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Coffee break storytelling

Last week at the coffee table I took out Rory Storycubes. I did not show what it was - but I rolled all dices on the table and used my hands to hide them all. The cubes have six different smal images printed. On the nine cubes you have in total 9x6=54 small images.

I took out one dice. Pushed it towards the girl sitting closest. Looked her in her eyes and said "Once upon a time" while pointing to the image at the top of the dice.

She immediately continued on the "Once upon a time" using the small image on the dice as inspiration and trigger for the next part. She did not hesitate but just started to tell a small story. It was the beginning of a quite amazing story full of mystery and adventure.

I took out another dice and gave it to her. And another... She did not try to select another image on the cuce - but used the image on top to keep telling.

All staff round the table just sat and listened. A group of adult people listening to a made-up story inspired by nine dices with printed images. Pure magic!

There were no instructions or rules. Just the "Once upon a time" and then small images on plastic cubes for inspiration.


You can find out more about the Rory Storycubes at

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ska du rösta på Specialmodekraterna?

När hela familjen satt och åt för länge sedan satt den mycket unga sonen och tittade förunderligt på oss. Vi diskuterade politik och ett kommande val. Efter att ha suttit tyst en lång stund och lyssnat ställde han så den fråga som var tvungen att komma ut:

"Vad är det för bra med de där specialmodekraterna?"

Ett fantastiskt ord. Och ett fantastiskt partinamn. Och en fantastisk fråga.

Fundera på den ända fram till det svenska valet. Vad är det egentligen för som är bra med de där specialmodekraterna. Och hur ska vi skapa en vettig framtid. Kan vi lita på alla specialmodekrater?
Är politiken bara fantastiska etiketter? Eller finns det substans och framtid hos specialmodekraterna?

(Och visst är det väl ett bra namn om alla partierna skulle gå ihop?)

Monday, 11 January 2010


Just had to say "Bah!". We cannot be smart and clever all the time. Sometimes I can produce nothing but a "bah". And sometimes I produce something of more value. I hope.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


It is cold outside. Real winter with snow and ice. Today it was -26C when I woke up. Went outside for a short walk and realized that the sound I made with every step was close to the squeaking sound the hero makes in the opening scene in the best PC-game ever made (so far!): Outcast. (

It's an adventure game with intelligence. And action. Groundbreaking when it was released. Breathtaking sceneries, but a bit dated graphics for closer objects critics said. Clever, non-linear, plots and....well, you get it. GREAT GAME.

Game was released 1999. The company Appeal worked on a sequel that didn't make it to the shelves. The company itself is no more. So, even if the game was groundbreaking, amazing, breathtaking, intelligent - it was not good enough. Not enough for a sequel at least.

After the short walk I had to see if it was still playable. And yes! It was.

If you haven't played it yet - do it! Give it a chance. And as a bonus you get high class game music - performed by Moscow Symphony Orchestra. You should be able to find it rather cheap...

(Warning though: since the game is old it might not work in newer windows-versions. There are discussions and hints on how to make it work...but...well...)

Here you can see the "hero" in the winter landscape. Just in the beginning of the adventure:

Did I mention it was released over ten years ago?

Saturday, 2 January 2010


First blog post 2010 will be just a moment of silence. Just stay silent for - say - 30 seconds when you read this. Be still and focus on what you hear. What you will hear? I don't know.

Start now. Shhhh....