Thursday, 9 December 2010

Attacks and options

Noticed something in the newspaper about "A defending B by attacking C". Probably very common. But there are other options of course.

Here is the basic situation. An attacker counteracting (=attacking) a subject:

If we want to help in this situation, we can do as in a street fight. Lets attack the attacker:

Attacking the attacker will hopefully reduce the original attack and make the attacker focus on us instead. And that way we support and defend the subject.

But we can also defend and support the subject by supporting it. Coaching the subject in the fight. Or provide supplies to the town under siege:

This way the subject grows strong and the attack is less effective.

Another interesting way is to attack the attack - or completely make the attack worthless:

Think about the attack and make sure it doesn't hit. Close the light? Push subject into the water so that bullet doesn't hurt? Take away the gun?

Yet another option is to create a barrier or wall to protect the subject:

Why not unload a lot of sand in front of the subject so that the arrows and bullets cannot get through? Or let the subject into your protective house?

And if that doesn't work you can create a decoy. Making the attacker attack the decoy instead of subject:

And if we don't want to attack the attacker to defend the subject we can instead provide a powerful weapon to the subject. That way he can defend himself (or herself). Many countries use this option to support their allies of course.

And speaking of allies. Just the fact that a subject have a lot of allies can weaken or remove the attack. So, why not join and line up a number of allies to stop the attack:

And on it goes... Remember, there will always be one more option for you.

So, when you feel the urge to attack the attacker to defend something. Think again. There might be much better and effective ways.

Good luck!

[The above small models were created playing with Southbeach modeller. ]

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Snow, lots of it.
Cold, -25C this morning.