Friday, 12 February 2010

To fly you have to...


(Photo: Karin Grein)

Wonderful and inspirational photo. To fly you have to spread your wings, take a risk and jump. You cannot sit in your nest and fly.

The birds in the picture are re-inventing the art of flying. And every bird has to do it. Just as we have to re-invent ourselves. Over and over again. Sometimes that includes stepping out of comfort zone (nest) and take a risk (jump).

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Explorer in my backyard

So much snow. I took a small walk - just around the house to see how much snow there was. And possibly also save some trees. Snow depth was between 60cm and 100cm.

It was hard work. It was snow all over. Every step was a challenge. Pulling one leg up and try to put it forward. Not successful every time. And I fell a few times too.

It was not a long walk - or adventure. But it took a long time. And was fantastic adventure.

I was a real explorer. Finding new paths and amazing sceneries. In my own backyard!