Saturday, 21 March 2009

Many small or few large?

Almost done helping a team to establish a plan and strategy for upcoming year - and into the future. To do the work there were two options; 1. Get together a few times for longer workshops or 2. get an hour each week - for a long period - and do some small individual work in between.

We did #2.

Some of the members just loved this approach. Having time in between to reflect. And just take small steps every week. A very iterative process with lots of time to think in between.

Some of the members says that they cannot really come up to speed. The work is segmented into too small pieces. And that hour is too short.

And a third group in the group just plays along and seems happy any way.

This just confirms that we are different and our thinking and brains works differently. Some people prefer many small iterations with time to think in between. While othere wants to spend a long time with focused work on the same task.

The quality of the work we did? Excellent, so far - I would say.

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