Thursday, 21 January 2010

Action box

Think outside the box is something we all have heard. I guess. And possibly also that we have to think within. Or there is no box at all. Or the box is giraffe. Or whatever.

This morning I found another box. Here:

This is not about thinking. It is about action. A man and an action arrow and a box.

Does it say "run to the box" or does it say "push the box forward". There are many ways to interprete that picture. It is designed to be fast to read - so we can follow the instruction immediately.

The sign also says "if you take action and run for the box you will be ok".

So, thinking inside and outside of boxes is ok. But we also have to get into action. And if we don't we will be trapped... When you're done thinking outside the box - RUN to the box! Move the box!

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