Sunday, 2 May 2010

Superheroes are bad

Well, Superheroes do solve problems for us. Which seems to be good. But:
  • The superhero solves the problem using his superpowers. So, we need that superhero with superpower around. Every time! And what happens when superhero is on vacation?
  • Since the superhero solves the problem we (=people) do not learn how to deal with problem using our own capacity and resources. We get dependent on the superhero. We get a meal - but we don't learn how to fish.
  • The superhero is fast and efficient and thus not giving anyone else a chance. Having a superhero around will make it harder for others to become heroes.
So, while superheroes first might seem like a good idea they:
- Stops us from learning (to deal with problems)
- Makes us dependent (that hero is around)
- Blocking the path for others (to develop themselves)

Next time a superhero comes around - send him away. You will be better off in the long run without superheroes.

Oh, and another reason to send superhero away is that their presence often attract a lot of bad guys with superpowers too...

[For Swedish readers - Kolla den fantastiska "översättningen" av denna lilla text på ]


  1. I get this urge to replace "superhero" with "big government" in your text. Can I blog it myself with that change? See also How the welfare state corrupted Sweden

  2. Oui. Yes. Certainly. Självklart. Ja.