Saturday, 9 January 2010


It is cold outside. Real winter with snow and ice. Today it was -26C when I woke up. Went outside for a short walk and realized that the sound I made with every step was close to the squeaking sound the hero makes in the opening scene in the best PC-game ever made (so far!): Outcast. (

It's an adventure game with intelligence. And action. Groundbreaking when it was released. Breathtaking sceneries, but a bit dated graphics for closer objects critics said. Clever, non-linear, plots and....well, you get it. GREAT GAME.

Game was released 1999. The company Appeal worked on a sequel that didn't make it to the shelves. The company itself is no more. So, even if the game was groundbreaking, amazing, breathtaking, intelligent - it was not good enough. Not enough for a sequel at least.

After the short walk I had to see if it was still playable. And yes! It was.

If you haven't played it yet - do it! Give it a chance. And as a bonus you get high class game music - performed by Moscow Symphony Orchestra. You should be able to find it rather cheap...

(Warning though: since the game is old it might not work in newer windows-versions. There are discussions and hints on how to make it work...but...well...)

Here you can see the "hero" in the winter landscape. Just in the beginning of the adventure:

Did I mention it was released over ten years ago?

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