Sunday, 17 January 2010

Coffee break storytelling

Last week at the coffee table I took out Rory Storycubes. I did not show what it was - but I rolled all dices on the table and used my hands to hide them all. The cubes have six different smal images printed. On the nine cubes you have in total 9x6=54 small images.

I took out one dice. Pushed it towards the girl sitting closest. Looked her in her eyes and said "Once upon a time" while pointing to the image at the top of the dice.

She immediately continued on the "Once upon a time" using the small image on the dice as inspiration and trigger for the next part. She did not hesitate but just started to tell a small story. It was the beginning of a quite amazing story full of mystery and adventure.

I took out another dice and gave it to her. And another... She did not try to select another image on the cuce - but used the image on top to keep telling.

All staff round the table just sat and listened. A group of adult people listening to a made-up story inspired by nine dices with printed images. Pure magic!

There were no instructions or rules. Just the "Once upon a time" and then small images on plastic cubes for inspiration.


You can find out more about the Rory Storycubes at

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  1. i loved this post I went to look for the story cubes immediatly from a mix of my early adapter, trust in janganbrand and my need for new toys.
    They are not available in the US yet.
    ALthough I thought these are a great processing tool for experiential ed.
    Lookng forward to getting and testing.
    Also - great exploration of innovation block that adults have.