Saturday, 24 April 2010

From the back of my head

Today I cut my hair for the first time. My hair has been cut before of course. But not by myself.

Lots of mirrors. Patience. Re-doing it.

And for the first time I really experience the back of my head. An area full of craters, mountains, valleys - and lots of hair pointing in all directions. Even individual hairs pointing in all directions!

This is an area not far from my eyes and ears. But still - I have not seen it before. Not the way I did today. Not the way you have to see it when you try to cut your hair by yourself.

Then it struck me. If the exterior of the back of my head is this interesting and hard to see and reach, how about the interior of the back of my head.

What amazing stuff can be found in there. What things and thoughts dwell in there. And how can I get into that space.

The exterior of the back of me head can be seen and reached with double mirrors and twisted arms. What tools do I need to get into the interior of the back of my head?

The result of the hair cut was not too bad. And the chain of thoughts started even better... how do I make use of my full head. How do I turn my whole brain on. How do I access the back of my head...

The journey to the back and middle of my brain has begun.

1 comment:

  1. it is odd how close we are to the back of your head yet - we have limited access to it.
    I reminds me of a philosophy of the mind article about having no head.
    It also brings thoughts of how well do you know yourself physically and mentally.
    For example I am sure that if I met myself, I would know little about me. Many people would truly be the same, (although they wont admit it).
    And just imagine sitting with yourself and realizing how ignorant you are of you.