Saturday, 4 April 2009

What animal?

A happy animal. A dog? And if so - what breed?
(Hope that T Gunnarsson dont mind sharing this wonderful picture with us)


  1. i have seen a dog like this before!
    When i walk my little monster (my dog) i often times walk out of my way to this house that has a dog that looks like this! When dry a large ball of blakc fur almost like a mini-preditor type.
    For some i time I speculated that the house was breeding the next type of alien invaders.

    Perhaps this is a "Boys from Brazil" type organization slowly spreading this breed of "Dogs" (dogs in quotes because I have not abondanded my alien hyp yet!)

  2. is this the dog you see?

  3. Well, the dog in the picture is a Briard.

  4. i love they way the Briard's ears look! so cute. ashamed to have misidentified the breed though.