Saturday, 11 April 2009

Levelling shoes!

The above is the profile of a narrow Swedish road. The road is highest in the middle to make sure that rainwater don't stay.
(The blue thing with two black boxes is a car of course!)

When you walk on this road you walk to the left. (Right in UK?) And to make sure you dont get hit by a car you need to walk far out to left. And there the difference in height for left and right foot can turn out to be very uncomfortable. Consider walking on the hills of a mountain!

If my left leg could be extended when I walk on these roads the pain would become smaller.

So, why not create shoes that automatically adjust so that the difference in height is removed (or at least reduced). Such shoes could also be used to adjust walking style of people rehabilitating from accidents? Or to straighten people that walks leaning towards a side.

So, any shoe-inventor out there taking on this challenge?

The shoes could communicate with each other and adjust height and angles as the ground and levels changes...and....well, better that someone with shoe-skills and technical skills do the thinking I guess.

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