Saturday, 11 April 2009

Brave small creature

Today, in a forrest far far away I stopped to study an ants nest. Lots of activity and movement. I was hypnotized.

Suddenly I felt pain on my arm. A small sting. When I looked down I found a lonely ant standing on my arm. I looked closer and the ant seemed to raise his body and was probably trying to tell me something.

I stepped back from the ants nest - still carrying the ant on my arm. I inspected myself but could not find any more ants on skin or clothings.

The ant on my arm was running around - as if he was searching for something. A brief moment I thought of killing the ant. Getting even. But then I re-considered.

I could not kill someone that brave. A lonely ant trying to handle me - the large beast. And I was also puzzled what his intentions really were.

Did he consider me to be food? So he was trying to kill me and drag me home to the nest? A real fiest coming up.

Did he consider me as a threat to the nest Trying to kill me or scare me off?

Was he trying to impress a female ant? "I can take that huge ugly beast. Blind-folded even."

Was he trying to teach the small padawan ants how to handle a beast like me. Maybe the small ants were hiding in the grass while my heroic ant tried to find out how to deal with me. "Stay back and watch!"

Whatever he did he did it alone. But most likely to serve the good of the whole nest. Risking his own life he took an initiative. He did not wait for an order.

I decided to return the ant safely to the nest. He ran off. Maybe trying to bring more ants. "I did my best. But he was *huge*. Come and help - and we have food for the whole year!"

I hope that he got a promotion for bravery and for taking initiative. And I am sure he will be a good role model for the younger ants.

Life and nature are magic!

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