Saturday, 21 February 2009

Angry people at training

A twitter ( noticed that people were angry at a training he attended. Why was that? No clue really. But it made me start to think.

Trainings are great opportunities for many things. But there are also reasons why people would be angry. Although a natural feeling the anger is counterproductive in the training.

The "potential" anger should have been used in advance to prepare and plan for the training. That could? would? have reduced tha anger. And maybe selection of training and execution of training would have been more productive.

Here are some (basic) models (that could be expanded!) describing my thinking:

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  1. Your graphic is a great representation of causes of anger at trainings. This visual representation is one that people with model learning styles can grasp quickly and with great understanding.
    I am glad that my tweet got you thinking, I really understand why people are angry at trainings and you placed in into your graphic.
    the answer is relevence - they do not see how training is relevent to them. It is the trainers responsibility to connect the relevence to the participant. Then most people will be less angry to be there :)