Monday, 9 February 2009

Dont push products - "fetch" problems

How come that some "sales people" try to push "products"?

The product is not what the customer need. The customer need to make value - or money. And he needs to deal with the things that is stopping him from doing so.

If we can get the customer to explain his problems, i.e. what is stopping him from making money, we can use our knowledge and skills in a "solutioning process". Hopefully we can create a solution that will remove the problem. So that the customer makes more money. In the solution we can use our products and services.

Do not sell products to the customer. Sell him more money. And to be able to do that you need to make him reveal and expose his problems. And that is maybe the most important task for the "sales people"; make the customer state his problems.

How can we get the customer to reveal the problems? Here is where you have to start to really think! Focus on the "??" in the model below. Instead of your products and services....

Problems are great (and necessary!) fuel!

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