Wednesday, 19 August 2009

"could be"-thinking

What is this? It is something of course. But lets instead consider what it could be.
Well, it could be the letter "B". As in:

or it could be the number "13" as in:
When we replace "is" with "could be" we get several options. And we get new perspectives. We might even consider different context. And we don't get any conflict. All alternatives are valid!
We also tend to become future oriented. The "could be" indicates a transformation, a journey, into the future.
Try it. Replace all "is" (and "am" and "are") with "could be" and you will most likely get more alternatives, see things from a new perspective, more easily accept new ideas since they could be developed into something. And you will almost automatically consider the future and how to reach it.
What "is" you company? What "could" your company "be"?
What are you? What could you be?
And even"this blog entry is crap" can be re-thought. Think "This blog entry could be deleted" or possibly "This blog entry could be inspiration for me".

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