Friday, 21 August 2009

Adult storytelling

In a workshop for leaders we told stories. I had prepared a couple of pages with simple drawings. There were circles and boxes and lines on A4 sheets. Or just a line. Or a dot. Not pictures of anything, just a few lines on a each paper.

We sat very close. Just like you would imagine a storyteller sitting close to the children.

I showed the first page and started "Once upon a time there was a ...." and then I pointed to the symbol and looked at one of the participants. Who immediately responded with "a snowman". And then I continued with "that one day" - and now looking at next person that quickly added "went shopping". And we continued. I connected the sentences - and the group added context.

We flipped page. I pointed to the symbol and said something that would connect to previous sentence. And by looking at a person she or he would add to the story. My part became smaller and smaller. I was just a 'page flipper' showing silly symbols on A4 sheets. And the group was co-creating the most wonderful small stories.

There were laughters and giggling. But also excitement. The group was exciting telling the stories. And all were curious what would happen next. What would the circle on the paper turn into? A moon? A cheese? A football kicked by a vampire?

We created magic! They created stories. And they all listened to each other. They build upon each others contributions. We played. Seriously.

And it was fun. With a couple of A4 sheets with simple symbols we managed to create stories, excitement and engaging stories. And for a moment we managed to bring forward our inner child.

I love storytelling.

And this small exercise showed that not only children can create stories and fairy tales. Adults can too!

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