Sunday, 13 November 2011

Challenge your knowledge

We know so much Sometime too much. We should challenge our knowledge more often. When faced with a challenge or need to take a decision - challenge the knowledge you have. And maybe the knowledge you don't have.
When you brain says you "know" something, challenge and ask "How do I know that?"
  • Where did I read that?
  • Who told me?
  • Can it be verified?
  • ...
You can also ask yourself why you know it.
  • Do I only know things in special areas? Ignoring other perspectives?
  • Am I part of a culture, society, religion ... encouraging this knowledge?
  • Was knowledge given to me with a (hidden) agenda?
  • ...
And lastly consider what knowledge you also need - but still haven't:
  • Am I lazy and happy with just this knowledge?
  • What perspectives am I missing?
  • Where can I find the knowledge needed?
  • ...
Of course there are many more questions and considerations. The fields of "knowledge", "learning", "knowledge management", etc are huge. But maybe the above three questions can make you slightly more aware of the quality (and purpose) of your knowledge?

1 comment:

  1. Knowledge is of two kinds...something we know ourselves, and something some other fellow knows but won't tell us because he doesn't want to give us an advantage.