Saturday, 16 April 2011

1st - Share view

Not sure if it's happen a lot. But when it does it makes me sad...

Manager: "When I asked him how to deal with the problem he said he didn't know. So I told him what to do. "

This is of course bad in many ways.

(1) Expecting to get a solution (answer) immediately only works for Simple situations. If the problem or situation is Complicated or Complex we need another approach. (see Cynefin framework)

(2) The manager has also now taught the employee to treat everything as Simple. No time to waste. Everything is just Best Practice and common sense. Just do it!

We need to first figure out what domain the situation and problem belongs to. And in that process we need to see and understand how the other part and team view the situation.

-"I need to protect me from this animal!"
-"Simple. You need a weapon. Here, take this shotgun!"
-"Eh. It's an ant..."

Share the view. Build the solution.

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